Fun Times

photo-oct-25-6-35-19-amEveryone enjoys having a good fun time.  Recreation and just being together is important to all.  At Harmony we seek to provide those opportunities.  Music and eating are two of our favorite past-times as community.

Outdoor music festivals during the cooler temperatures of the spring and autumn are provided.  The music may not always be just religious music, but we seek to provide a safe environment where all people can come and enjoy.  Music always draws a crowd from the area  since we are located in the recreational area of Tims Ford Lake.  Many of the residents in Harmony are seasonal and here only on the weekends. The music festivals become an avenue through which connection is made, needs are understood and community is built.

We gather at least once a month to share breakfast together.  Every second Sunday a continental breakfast (sponsored by the Men’s Fellowship) is offered at 9:30 am.  Gathering around a table is a great way to begin the day.  Family fellowship meals are shared at least seven to eight times a year.  These meals are usually covered dish style.

During winter months, regular family night gatherings take place.  These are highlights with movies games and light refreshments

Homecoming (fourtphoto-aug-17-1-09-03-pm-1h Sunday of May) is when everyone who has been a part of Harmony comes home to share in worship, a meal, fellowship and the sharing of memories.  The fourth Sunday of May is a day when we are reminded of how the church and the community has developed.  It is a day of renewal and new commitment to be progressive in the world as we learn from the past.

Harmony is a place where can laugh with one another, cry with one another and have fun with one another.