Pastoral Devotion


Natural Disasters

Recently, our world has been rocked by several natural disasters.  We have had Hurricanes strike in the Caribbean Sea ending on the coasts of Texas and Florida.  We have has earthquakes of tremendous strength in Mexico.  We have wildfires still raging in the northwest of the United States.  I have heard some say, ” This is God’s judgment coming down on us.”  I do not believe that God is judging us just yet.  I believe, however, He is trying to get our attention.  Throughout history when people would ignore God, He would use some kind of event or happening to get them to look His way again.

The people of the world and the people of the United States, where I live, have foe too long been ignoring the Creator of the universe.  I believe that through all of the catastrophic events we have experienced recently, God is saying to us, “Hey, guys, I am still here.”  After all, we believe that He created all that is and He is in control of all nature.

At Harmony, we strive to lead people into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  While we hurt because of the devastation, we also recognize that what we need most and what God wants most is a true lasting relationship with us.

I remember the days following September 11, 2001, how the churches and houses of worship swelled in attendance.  I also watched as the swell quickly diminished.  Let us bring ourselves to the House of God and let us seek an everlasting relationship with our Father through Jesus Christ, His Son.

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